A big data and real-time platform. Built to handle change.

DataMax is an enterprise-ready platform that takes the most complex elements of real-time data management and makes them simple to develop, deploy and operate at scale. This provides the ability to deliver business change at greater velocity. The DataMax modules consist of:

Ingestion On-Demand

Real-time Validation

Data Enrichment

Intuitive Visualisation

Flexible Reporting

These modules along with our domain knowledge allow us to enhance client in-house teams and provide the tools they need to operate their business processes effectively and increase wider operational efficiency.


The DataMax track record has allowed our clients to:

  • Reduce operational cost
  • Increase business resilience and competitiveness
  • Accelerate software development – so more focus on getting the requirements right and delivering what the business needs
  • Reduce delivery risk
  • Harness the competitive IP of their business


DataMax will get you to a Single View of your Data faster through the modules it provides, dealing with some of industry’s greatest challenges, including:

  • Organisational data silos
  • The disparate number of storage technologies
  • The challenge of data transport due to volume and time constraints
  • Data quality and validation
  • The need for data enrichment to allow information to be fit for purpose
  • The requirement for robust authentication and authorization processes

Technological Advance

DataMax is a unique architecture, process and combination of specific technologies that rapidly move an organisation from disparate data and reporting sources into a single view of data which provides organisations with the insight they need to run their business more effectively. The system combines technologies in a unique way that delivers enterprise strength data management. The approach was proven to scale and is Cloud deployable.   It operates across all our key sectors of:

Applications of DataMax

  • Market Data

Covers time series and non-time series data to produce analytics platforms which provide a step change in the quality of data, analysis and reporting available to Market Analytics teams and then provided to Traders.


  • Transactional

Strategic and Real-Time Data Analytics and Regulatory Reporting capability designed to strengthen competitive advantage through the creation of extremely high quality data streams, from which real-time analytics can be performed, to further enhance the trading and operational effectiveness of an organisation.


  • Relationship

Automatically defines, refines and builds the relationships between disparate data sources to create a relationship “map”.   Ideal for identifying Transfer Agency and Sub-nominee information which will drive real business decisions to reduce both inefficiencies and increase profitability.


  • Portfolio Management

Reduces organisational complexity through having a single source of truth in terms of data.  This covers all trading positions and cash flow.